We’ve had our boots on the ground for more than 50 years at IPEC, and our field services deliver top-quality jobs across the country.
We’re there when and where you need us, getting the work done on time and at budget.

Cement Kilns

IPEC performs a wide variety of on-site rotary-kiln repairs and new installations. We deliver high-quality field services for your kilns at a highly competitive price.

• Tire-pad replacement
• Girth gear reversals and installations
• Nose-ring repair and replacement
• Shell liner and chain installations
• Drive and bearing installations
• Guard modifications
• Kiln-hood expansions and modifications

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Cement Clinker Coolers

IPEC offers many field services for cement clinker coolers. We have the talent and expertise to do any job, from complete removal of cooler internals to taking out the entire clinker cooler. We also install new clinker-cooler systems designed by IKN, Polysius, and Fuller. IPEC field services has completed these jobs throughout the U.S. on time, under budget, and with complete customer satisfaction.

• Total overhauls, including grate, beams, and drive installations
• Housing, moveable frame repairs
• Static grate/incline section installations
• Complete alignment services
• Drive replacements
• Stationary grate section installations
• New cooler installations
• Cooler arrangements, including IKN, Polysius, and Fuller
• Clinker-breaker repair and installations


IPEC field services expertly install new mill systems, such as vertical roller, rod, ball, and coal. IPEC is also a Magotteaux preferred contractor for all major mill repairs.

Ball Mill Services
• Gear replacement
• On-site mill alignment
• Diaphragm installation
• Liner installation
• Complete mill system installation
• Mill conversions
• Mill head replacements
Roller Mill Services
• Separator rebuilds
• Roll change outs
• Table rebuilds
• Reducer rebuilds and replacement
Roll Press Services
• Fixed and stationary roll replacements
• Roll change outs
• Complete system installations
• Reducer installations

Dust Collection Systems

Dust collection systems are vital to both your kiln operations and our environment. Consequently, your plant needs IPEC’s high-quality construction with process ID fans and main baghouse ID fans. Our field services are comprehensive and include:

  • Demolition of existing ID fan, foundations, and process ducts
  • Installing new pilings and concrete foundations, structural steel, two ID fans, and associated process ducts
  • All structural steel and civil work

Mechanical Services

IPEC has the versatility in mechanical services that our customers require. We rarely encounter a piece of equipment we haven’t repaired or completely reinstalled. Our certified welders, expert craftsmen, and in-house management guarantee top-quality field services delivered safely and on time.

Mechanical Services

• Bucket elevator installation
• Drag, pan, and belt conveyor installation
• Crusher installation
• Preheater modification
• Process duct, chute work, and air-slide modification
• Complete plant maintenance and retrofit services

• Roll press rebuild
• Crusher rebuild
• Drive assembly rebuild
• On-site alignment
• Process piping installation

Sugar Process Equipment

Working with our customers and equipment representatives in the sugar industry, IPEC field services tackle construction projects of any size and difficulty level. Our experienced millwrights work with welders and crane operators – all certified – to complete projects on “firm bid” and “T&M not to exceed” statuses. Our field services consistently meet budget and time constraints of our customers in the sugar industry.

Sugar Industry Services

  • Evaporator-tank installation
  • New diffuser tower supply and installation
  • Filter drums
  • Fabrication supply
  • New kiln installation
  • Bull-gear replacements, both hydraulic and electrical

IPEC field services has rebuilt numerous filter drums for the sugar industry.

On this filter-drum refurbishment, we had to replace the tub of the housing and side cheeks as well as remove the entire internals, which included the drum, internal spray piping, and supports. We also replaced film-drum components, like spray nozzles, filters, surrounding access, vent duct, shaft, and bearings.

IPEC relocated a 50-ton KELLER pulp press from the Michigan Sugar, Carrollton facility to their Croswell facility. To get the pulp press out, we had to remove the roof above the press and then hoist it onto a shipping truck. Once we moved it, IPEC unloaded and installed the pulp press at the new location as well as aligned two new screws and equipment.

Conveyor Systems

IPEC knows conveyor systems are vital to our customers. With this understanding, we guarantee material is moved from point A to point B safely and efficiently. We have more than 50 years of combined experience in field service, so we rarely find a conveyor job we haven’t conquered. Our in-house management works with our certified welders and experienced craftsmen to deliver high-quality conveyor systems safely and on time.

Conveyor Systems

• Supply of conveyor fabrication
• Conveyor installation
• Belt installation
• Conveyor alignment

• Conveyor commissioning
• Feed and discharge chute-work installation
• Conveyor modifications or repair


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